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Welcome to Milefield Primary School's website! We hope you enjoy looking at our website and finding out about all the wonderful things we do in our school. Our Ethos underpins daily life at Milefield. If you were to tour our school you would undoubtedly see, hear and feel exciting, engaging and motivating learning in every corner of our school.


If you require any more information or would like to request paper copies of anything you see then please use the      'contact us' tab and get in touch. You can also use this tab to arrange a visit to our school.


Our School Vision


Milefield Primary is a unique and exciting school full of learning, laughter
and friendship! 


All members of our Milefield family are happy, feel safe and are valued for their special qualities, attributes and talents. At Milefield Primary School, we are proud to provide high quality, engaging, motivating and inspiring learning opportunities in an environment which hums with excitement and purpose. We are committed to ensuring each of our pupils enjoys their childhood and reaches their goals, aspirations and dreams. We ensure our children have key life skills and diverse learning experiences which enable them to develop a love of learning! We give children the tools and opportunities to become responsible and make positive life choices as well as building the foundations for life-long friendships through developing skills of understanding, empathy and compassion. Children educated at Milefield are responsible citizens, confident individuals and life-long learners who will undoubtedly lead happy and rewarding lives! 



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