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Take a look at what we have been learning and let us know what you think.

W/C 15/7/19

It is the final week at school before the 6 week holidays! We have had a lovely last week. I have attached some links and documents here which will help support you at home with your children's reading, writing and maths skills over the summer holidays. I hope that the children have a well deserved break but also continue to try their best as they move towards year 2.

It has been a pleasure to teach Class 1 this year, each and every child has developed their own personalities and tried their very hardest with work.

Good luck to everyone as they move up into Year 2!


Miss Stead 

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W/C 1/7/19

In maths this week we have been focussing on ordering and spelling days of the week and months of the year.

In literacy we have been learning about Mr Grinling from the Lighthouse Keeper, we have all written our own character descriptions about him. Making sure we have all used lots of different adjectives.

For homework over the past couple of weeks the children's task was to build a 3D model of a lighthouse. They were absolutely fantastic. Most children completed a challenge of making their lighthouses light up! Mr McClure came to visit our class on Friday to have a look at the children's fantastic work. Have a look below at some of the lighthouses!


Miss Stead

W/C 24/6/19


In maths this week we have been looking at weight. We have compared heavy and light items. We are beginning to weigh them by their weight. We have measured things from around the classroom.

In literacy this week we have been writing our setting descriptions, making sure that we have written plenty of adjectives into our sentences.

In topic we went outside to have a look at our fruits and vegetables that we have been growing. To our surprise, we found our broad beans which were ready to eat. Lots of children absolutely loved them and said they were yummy (and delicious). We saw some carrots but they aren't ready to be eaten yet. We have also created our seaside landscape pictures which have been sent home. I hope you appreciate the hard work and effort that your children have put into these! They really did try their best and wanted to take them home!

The children have also completed some fantastic homework over the past week. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the amount of effort everyone went into! Have a look at some of them below!


Miss Stead


W/C 17/6/19

It has been a very busy week in Year one. The children have been working really hard to do all their assessments. I am so proud at the progress which so many children have made throughout the year. We have also had sports day which most children absolutely loved. It was really nice to see so much support from parents so thank- you to everyone who attended, it really lifted the atmosphere and showed true team spirit. Have a look at some photos below which I took in between running the races.

The children are revisiting all measurement topics in maths. We are writing our own narratives based around the story of The Lighthouse Keeper which will last for a couple of weeks. In topic we are learning about the seaside in depth. I would love to see any Lighthouses which the children make as a part of their homework, they will be displayed in class for everyone to see!


Miss Stead

W/C 3/6/19

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a relaxing half term. This week we have carried on looking at our healthy eating so we have been reading about the story of Handa's Surprise! This linked in nicely with our theme of Oliver's Vegetables from before the holidays. The children have re- written the story of Handa's Surprise so they have come up with new fruits or vegetables and used different adjectives to describe them.

In maths we have been measuring length accurately. So we have had a big emphasis on using the correct vocabulary and how to measure objects accurately.

On Friday we went on our trip to the seaside which will start our topic off nicely next week. The children had outstanding behaviour again and we all had a really fun day! Have a look at some photos below.


Miss Stead

W/C 13/5/19

In Brilliant Bears this week we have consolidated our learning in division. Next week we are moving onto fractions, which hopefully will make teaching and learning a bit easier now we know what to do for division.

In Literacy we have been looking features of information texts so next week we will be writing up our own about Ramadan.

In Topic we are focussing on Ramadan and looking at how people celebrate different events around the world.

One more week until half term and the children are working harder than ever.


Miss Stead

W/C 6/5/19

This week we have been looking at division in maths. So far we have mainly looked at dividing by 2, so sharing in half. Next week we will be looking at dividing by 3 and more. In Literacy we received another letter from Oliver saying that he has been to get his seeds however they do not have any instructions on them so he isn't sure what to do with them. This meant the class had to write a set of instructions to send back to Oliver. So this week we have been looking at why instructions are important and their key features.

In topic we are beginning to look at Ramadan. Over the next two weeks the children will be writing an information text for the EYFS Unit to have a look at as they don't know what Ramadan is yet.

I have had a another full turn out from children coming to Phonics Club which was absolutely amazing! It was a shame about the weather but the children still had lots of fun in the hall.

Miss Stead

W/C 29/4/19

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful school holidays. The children have been telling me all about the exciting things that they have been up to.

I would like to say a huge thank- you to everyone who has completed their homework. It makes such a difference to your children's learning, and by the sounds of it the children love doing their homework too!

Our topic this half term is all about food and festivals. The focus book is Oliver's Vegetables so we have been outside planting up our very own vegetables. We have received a letter from Oliver asking us to write him a shopping list so he can go and buy more seeds to plant in his Grandpa's garden. So we have done so and even written a letter back to him! We now need to wait for another letter back from Oliver to see how is shopping trip went. The children are thoroughly engaged and hooked into this topic so we are coming up with lots of exciting learning adventures that we can go on!

Take a look at some photos below from our first Physical Phonics session. We took our learning outside and the children enjoyed running off some steam whilst playing the games!


Miss Stead

W/C 8/4/19

Happy Easter!

We have had another busy week in class 1. The children have been finishing off making their aeroplanes which they have worked very hard to do!

I would just like to take the opportunity to say how fantastic the children were today. They were an absolute asset to the school. Their behaviour, manners, listening skills and team skills were absolutely outstanding. We felt very privileged to take the children on our school trip today. I felt that is was important that as parents you know this. I felt very proud to be the children's class teacher today.

I thought that the trip today was fantastically organised by the staff at Kirklees Light Railway and the children thoroughly loved every minute of the activities that they took part in. I am sure the children can tell you all about their day but here are some photos to jog their memory. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday and I will see you all in 2 weeks time!

Miss Stead

W/C 1/4/19

This week has been very exiting. In topic we have started making our wooden aeroplanes just like the one Amelia Earhart had. The children have loved planning, designing and building models of them before we started. Have a look at the photos below to see what we have been up to. 

In maths we have looked at weight, making sure we are using the vocabulary of heavier and lighter. We have also started to look at recording weight and reading scales which is fabulous!

in literacy we have been focussing on rhyming words. The children have had to work as a team every day to continue different rhyming strings and bounce the words off each other. Next week we will be looking more at poetry and how we can put rhyming words into poems!

Miss Stead

W/C 25/3/19

in maths this week we have been learning about capacity, and how to measure it. We have also touched upon measuring length and ordering heights. We managed to work as a team and put our class into height order.

In literacy we have done some build up work. We have been able to write a biography on either Tim Peake or Amelia Earhart. We have got some amazing pieces of writing from some children! This work is now ready to go up on our wall when we change our display over.

in topic we have been looking at different materials. We have tested which materials are used for which purpose and why they are the best materials to use.

Miss Stead

W/C 18/3/19

This week we have been looking at Tim Peake. The children have thoroughly loved learning about him, we have found lots of very interesting videos and facts about him online. This has sparked a lot of interest for our children and we have done a lot of creative writing.

We have started writing up a biography of Tim Peake and the children are really impressing me with how much they have learnt.

In maths we have been focussing on telling the time to o'clock and half past. We are slowly getting there with this. I will be putting it in their homework this time so please help your children wherever possible. 

Have a look at some photos below of the children enjoying our 'love of reading' assembly.

Miss Stead

W/C 11/3/19

In maths this week we have been learning about sequencing events, writing days of the week and months of the year AND we have had a quick introduction to telling the time (o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to). The children have picked these skills up really quickly and I am very impressed! In literacy we have been looking at non- chronological reports and biographies of Amelia Earhart. In topic our focus has been history so we have researched how people used to travel in the past and how vehicles have changed over time. This week we have focussed on Amelia Earhart and why she was so famous. The children have come up with lots of interesting questions that they would like to find out the answers to in the next coming weeks.

Miss Stead

W/C 4/3/19

We have had a very busy week in Brilliant Bears. It has been assessment week and the children have tried their very hardest and really impressed me! It has also been pancake day and world book day!

in topic the children have been making pancakes and eating them! We have also been talking about our worries in topic and how we can overcome these worries. In literacy we have been writing instructions for how to make pancakes. In maths we have done skills blast sessions, so recap lessons on everything we have learnt to date. 

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to my phonics club/ world book day activity session, it is so nice to have support from you all.

Miss Stead

W/C 25/2/19

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a lovely half term. I cant wait to see your homework and hear all about what you have been doing during the holidays!

This week in maths we have been looking at greater than and less than signs, we have picked this up really well so we will be moving onto addition next week. In literacy we learnt lots of new vocabulary. We have introduced non- chronological reports, so the children have learnt what paragraphs are, titles, headings, diagrams and labels. In topic we are starting to look at transport. We are still looking at superheroes and Traction Man. There is a new book where Traction man goes on a different adventure so we are looking at how he travels to his different adventures.

Don't forget World Book Day next week! On Thursday parents are invited in before or after school to share a story with their child. Please return your slips if you want to come to that. Then Friday we will all be dressing up as our favourite characters from our favourite book!

Miss Stead

W/C 11/2/19

Our last week before half term has just flown by! The children have finished making their toys and packaging ready for their parents/ carers to come in and have a look at them before they take them home. In the meantime the children have made a poster to advertise their toy, just like the ones you find on the TV. In maths we have consolidated our learning of multiplication and times so we are very confident at doing this now, showing it as an array and a repeated addition. In literacy we have been looking at the importance of the sequence of stories, so we have spent some time ordering sentences and making sure they flow.

Happy holidays!

Miss Stead

W/C 4/2/19

This week we have made our toys out of Play Mais, some of them look really good- just like a superhero! We have also made a start on making the packaging for our toys too. In maths we have looked at the times 'X' symbol and what it means so we are now looking at repeated addition, times and arrays. In literacy we have looked at story openers and how to describe settings and characters. To do this we have made up our own version of the three little pigs and put our own twist on the traditional tale.

It was really nice to see so many parents in for our open reading sessions on Monday and Tuesday. We hope to see you again next week! 

There are some photos below so you can see everything that the children have got up to this week.

Miss Stead

W/C 28/1/19

We have had a brilliant week in class one, the children have really impressed Miss Stead and Miss Barnes. In literacy the children have made up their very own stories, with new characters in, new settings and a new problem for the superhero to encounter. Once the children have finished these we will be presenting them on a piece of paper with a superhero border round. If parents wish to have a look at their children's fantastic work then we are more than happy to share these with you! (They are very impressive).

In maths we have been grouping objects, with the build up to using times and multiplying! Some children are even starting to look at their times tables!

In topic we have been making a model of our toy out of Lego, ready to build it next week out of different materials.

Miss Stead

W/C 21/1/19

This week in Brilliant Bears we have all made up our very own Superheroes. We have received a letter from Mini Grey, the Author of Traction Man, asking us to write our own story about Traction Man and where he can go on his next adventure. So we have all had a go at writing our setting descriptions and our character descriptions. Next week we will be having a think about some new adventures that our superheroes can go on. If you would like to support your children at home to give them some ideas on where their superheroes can go on an exciting adventure then this would be really good to spark their imagination!

In Maths we have been looking at position, movement and direction and the language associated with it. We have had some fun and exciting lessons this week where we have been on different adventures to find treasure and direct our friends around the classroom!

In topic we have been researching toys, old and new. We have had a look at the differences between them and how they have changed over time. In this we have looked at the features of a timeline and how they can help us understand how and why things have changed through the years.

Next week we are making something very exciting so watch this space for photos next week!

Miss Stead

W/C 14/1/19

This week we have been introduced to our new book- Traction Man! Which is linked to our topic of Superheroes. We have had a letter from Mini Grey the author of Traction Man, asking for help to write a new adventure for Traction Man to go on. So we have been looking at different settings in stories and what key things we need to include. We have learnt all about adjectives this week so that we can include them in our stories!

In maths we have been looking at number bonds. We have focussed on making sure we all know our number bonds to 10 but some of us have moved onto number bonds to 20. It is essential that everyone knows their numbers bonds to 20 by heart by the end of the year so this is going to be something we are practising a lot!

In topic this week we have made some capes for Traction Man. We have had a look at different materials and what materials would be best for Traction Man. We have designed the cape and then had a go at making them! They all look amazing and I am sure Traction Man cannot wait to wear them on his next adventure!

Miss Stead

W/C 7/1/19

Happy New Year and welcome back Brilliant Bears! I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas! I have absolutely loved hearing everything that Santa has brought to our children and listening to all their exciting stories which they wanted to share.

We have been straight back into learning this week and I am so impressed at how much all the children have remembered. In maths we have been focussing on one more and one less. We are now superstars at that! In Literacy the children have been recapping their Set 1 and Set 2 sounds. They have also written a recount about everything that they have been up to in the holidays. In topic we have set some goals for what we want to achieve in the New Year. We are also starting our new topic of Superheroes! So on Thursday we had a Superhero dress up day which we all loved!

We are still collecting cardboard boxes and clean plastic boxes for our junk modelling to help us with our very exciting topic ahead.

Miss Stead

W/C 17/12/18

Christmas time! Another very busy week in Class 1! We have had our wonderful Christmas party, where we got to show off our dance moves, play some games, visit Santa, watch a Christmas film and have party food. Please check your children's bags for lots of Christmas cards, presents and other things which we have made!

Whilst we have had a busy week preparing for Christmas, we have also been keeping up with our learning. We have been learning about money in maths and different coins. If you go to the shops over the holidays, encourage your children to help you count the money and work out change. In literacy we have written our letters to Santa- we just hope that he is going to get them in time!

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas. Stay safe and I can't wait to hear from the children about everything that you get up to with them!

Miss Stead

W/C 10/12/18

Elf (Trixie) visited our classroom this week, she has been up to mischief. She has been hiding in our tree, she hid in our post box, she has been hanging on some string and she has been ripping up paper and making a mess. She has come to watch us all to make sure we are all behaving ready for Santa.

We have had our Christmas production this week- Lights, Camel, Action! We all tried our very best to show off all our hard work to our families. All our hard work paid off! We have made our own Christmas tree decorations which have made our class Christmas tree look pretty. On the last day of term the children will be able to take home their own decorations.

Miss Stead

W/C 3/12/18

What an exciting week we have had! We have been to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and had lots of fun and learnt lots of new things. Even though it didn't stop raining, it didn't stop us from having fun! We were able to see the lions being fed, the polar bears jump in the water, and the giraffes eating inside! We also did a workshop about polar bears, so we have learnt lots of new facts about polar bears by doing exciting activities. The children behaved so well and I am really impressed with all of them. Have a look at our photos below...

Miss Stead

W/C 26/11/18

We have had another very busy week in Class 1. It has been assessment week and I am so proud of all the children in our class. They have all tried their very hardest. 

In literacy we have been looking at a book called Leaf, which is about a polar bear who is far away from home. We have had letter delivered to our class from Leafs family asking where he is, so we have been detectives investigating our school to see if we can find any clues. The children have then had to write letters back to his family to let them know what we have found.

In maths we have been looking at 1/2 of shapes, objects and numbers. The children have really impressed me with how much they already know!

We are in full swing for practicing our nativity, Lights, Camel, Action! If children could be practising their lines at home too that would be a great help. 

All the children are very excited for our school trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park next week!

Miss Stead

W/C 19/11/18

In maths this week we have been looking at addition and subtraction again, I am really impressed with how much we have remembered so now we are going to be moving onto larger 2 digit numbers. In literacy this week we have been looking at poetry and rhyming. Some children in Read Write Inc have finished all their set 2 sounds now so next week they will be recapping all of set 2 again, and practicing how to write all the different sounds. We are focussing strongly at the moment on our reading skills and making sure we can all blend consistently.

In topic we have been looking at the Arctic. We have done some science experiments to see what happens to ice when we put it in different places around our classroom. Groups of children came up with different places to put their ice to see where it would melt the quickest.

A reminder that we would like empty, small, one portion tins for our Christmas surprise. Also that money for our Yorkshire Wildlife Park trip is due on Wednesday 28th November to secure your child a place.

Miss Stead

W/C 12/11/18

Anti- Bullying Week and Children in Need!

There has been a lot going on this week in class 1! We have had class talks about bullying and how we need to speak out if we are unhappy about things. For Children in Need we have created Pudsey Bear an outfit in class, we had some very creative ideas!

In maths this week we have been learning about weight, capacity, length and money. The children have really impressed us with how much they know about all of these areas! In literacy we have been building up to writing our fact sheets about polar bears. Lastly, in topic we have been creating different art and design products for our new Artic display board.

We are starting to rehearse our songs and dances for our Christmas production.

Miss Stead

W/C 5/11/18

Welcome back to school! I have loved hearing about all the fun things everyone has been up to during the holidays, it sounds like some of us have had a very busy but fun week off! All the children have come back to school settled and ready to learn again which is brilliant to see.

This week in maths we have had a quick recap of counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, and remembering how to form our numbers correctly and the right way round! In Read Write Inc. we have done another recap of all our sounds we have learnt to date. We are now focussing on making sure we can write words with all our new sounds in, making sure that we are listening carefully to all the sounds in the word to write down. In topic we have made some sparkly firework pictures which all look amazing! We have also been learning about remembrance day and why it is so important so we have been making poppies for our classroom.

We have had the road safety awareness team in this week speaking to the children about how we stay safe on the roads. Talking about safe places to play, where is the safest place to walk when we are next to the road and we have been taught how to cross the road safely.

Miss Stead


W/C 22/10/18

Halloween Week!

In maths this week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes, we have been on a shape hunt around our classroom and looked at properties of shapes. In Read, Write, Inc. we have been focussing on out Set 2 and 3 sounds. In literacy we have written a recount of what ostrich does during its day in the Savannah. We have made so much progress since the beginning of September and I am so proud of each and every child in my Brilliant Bears class!

On Friday we had some wonderful Halloween outfits- some were very scary! We had lots of fun doing crafts and making things, we also made some pumpkin buns! I hope you all enjoyed your last day of our half term! I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the children and parents for making my first half term at Milefield Primary school so welcoming, and I can not wait to see how the children progress through the year! Next stop- Christmas!

Over the next few weeks we will be developing our outdoors area into a Learning space.  We have created a maths hut, a reading hut, a writing hut and a mud kitchen! We will be taking our learning outside during some morning and afternoon sessions. Please can I ask that both children and parents respect our outdoor area before and after school so that we can make the most out of our lovely space. We are very lucky to have it so we want to make the most of it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 6th November.

Miss Stead

W/C 15/10/18

This week Year 1 have had a whirlwind of a busy week! We have learnt so much, worked hard and had lots of fun!

In Read Write Inc children have been practicing set 1 / set 2 sounds and writing them in their books. Children have also been using their FRED fingers when spelling words to recognise and learn the sounds.

We have shared different languages that we all know, some of us knew French, a bit of Italian and Polish! We then went on to have a look at what language people speak in Africa so we have learnt a little bit of Swahili. We have also been on a wonderful Autumn hunt where we have collected leaves and children have spotted signs of Autumn around our school grounds.

In maths we have worked really hard on counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We have counted how many pairs of socks and eyes we have in our classroom. Then we went on to doing hi 5’s to count in fives!

The children have worked really well this week. Well done Year 1!

Miss Stead

W/C 08/10/18

Year One have had a lovely week. We have been on our first trip to the reading bus. We have made our very own bird feeders to put in our gardens.  

This week in maths we have finished subtraction and next week we are learning about counting in 2’s 5’s and 10’s. In literacy we this week we have made our own facts cards about lions, which we learnt from researching the animal. We have also looked at words we can use to describe animals to make our writing more interesting.

Please remember if you have not already returned you Parent Open Day forms please could you do so soon as possible to book your place. Thank you.  

Miss Stead

W/C 01/10/18

The children have had another fabulous week in Year One. This week everyone has managed to earn a wonderful 25 Dojo points, so we have all gone home with a certificate and a sticker.

In Maths we have introduced subtraction. We have learnt the crossing out method, objects and using a number line. Some of us have really excelled in our learning this week! Miss Stead and Miss Barnes are very impressed with lots of children in our class this week.

At the moment we are trying to redevelop our outdoors area and get resources for classrooms. If anyone has any old toys or playing equipment that is in a very good condition and is age- appropriate for our children we would appreciate anything you can donate. For example, small world toys (models of farms, dolls, cars etc), reading books, hula hoops, skipping ropes etc. I will also be asking children what they would like to help them learn in the outdoors area, so we know what resources we will need to see if we can see to these wishes.

The children have been given a parent open day form. Please return this as soon as possible as slots will be given on a first come first serve basis.

 Miss Stead

W/C 24/09/18

This week we have done some tasting sessions! We have looked at fruits that can be found in Africa, to link in with our topic of the African Savannah. We used our senses to describe these fruits and then tasted them! We all tried most fruits, some of which we haven’t heard of before. We all learnt to try new things- some of us loved the different fruits, and some of us didn’t like them- but we all had a go! Mango seemed the most popular! I was very impressed with my brilliant bears for giving them all a try!

During Read Write Inc. we have been on treasure hunt to find words hidden around our classroom. Every day we are introducing new sounds and applying our learning. In maths we have now consolidated our learning of addition so next week we are moving onto subtraction!

As we are having a growing issue of lost property in the classroom, I will have a permanent marker pen to hand on a morning and afternoon so you can write your own children’s names in jumpers and cardigans. If your child has lost any items of clothing, we do have a lost property box which we will be putting outside every Friday so lost property can be returned.

Miss Stead


W/C 17/09/18

In Maths this week we have been learning how to write and work out addition sums. We will soon be superstars at this!

In topic we have learnt some new vocabulary about different animals and their habitats and what these words mean. We have also got very creative and began to do our African Sunset paintings!

All children have had a 1-1 reading session this week. They have all been given a reading book to read at home with an adult or an older sibling. We try to encourage children to read as much as possible, when you have read a book please can you put a comment in their reading record. Please comment about whether the book was too easy/ hard or just right- a little challenge is always good! Also, in your children’s book bags I have put in phase 2 sound mats and set 1 red words (tricky words that we can't sound out, we just have to read them) so that children can use these at home. This could be that the children may want to practice their handwriting, it may be used to help with homework or any other writing the children wish to do at home.

Miss Stead

W/C 10/09/18

The children have had a fantastic two weeks settling into their new classroom. Children and staff have been getting to know each other and we are all becoming familiar with the classroom and our routines.

The children have been working really hard in Literacy and Maths. In Literacy, we have been focusing on structuring and writing a sentence. In Maths, we have been practicing our number formations, finding missing numbers and working out one more/less than a given number. In Read, Write Inc. we are revisiting our set 1 and 2 sounds.

This half term the children are learning about the Savannah and they have made their own animal masks to go onto our lovely display. We have been looking at where the Savannah is and what type of animals we might find there.

Thank you to all parents for returning your letters and any information that we have needed promptly, it is a great help! Also, thank you for being so patient at the start and end of the day whilst I am getting to know you all. A gentle reminder to please put names in children’s clothing and belongings so we can keep lost property to a minimum.

Miss Stead