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Welcome to the Class 2 page. Take a look at what we have been learning and let us know what you think.

W/c 10/12/18

Over the last few weeks in year 2 we have been very busy with our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park and also getting ready for our nativity performance! Since our trip we have been busy writing about our visit, we have also used maps of YWP to learn about position and direction in maths.  We have also had a daily visitor in class 2, Elvis the Elf has returned and has been causing all kinds of chaos in the classroom! We have been writing daily Elf reports to record his activities.



W/c 12/11/18

This week in year 2 we have been learning how to tell the time. To help us continue our learning we need you to ask us the time when we are at home please. In topic we have been creating polar masterpieces!


W/c 5/11/18

This week in year 2 we have been working hard in maths to understand different measures. We have measured the classroom furniture using both standard  and non-standard measure and have also looked at weight and how we can measure how heavy or light something is. In literacy we have been introduced to a new text about a Polar bear and so we have been busy finding facts about these impressive animals! 



W/C 08/01/18

A big welcome back to all the children in year 2! 

This week we have been writing a recount to tell Miss Loy all about our Christmas holidays. We have been learning to use time connectives in our writing and how to use exclamation marks correctly. In maths we are learning about different measures. As part of our learning this week we had to measure up our new classroom to make sure the new furniture would fit! We have als started our Circus topic and have been investigating suitable materials to help repair the 'Big Top !

W/C 11/12/17

Over the last few weeks we have been incredibly busy learning our lines for our Christmas Nativity. We have really enjoyed acting out the Nativity story. All our Teachers were very proud of our acting

W/C 06/11/17

This week in year 2 we have been working extremely hard in our 'special books' showing Miss Loy how much we have learned since September. We have also begun our new topic 'The Great Fire of London' where we met Samuel Peypes and found out how, where and when the fire happened. We also wrote a newspaper report about events of the fire

W/C 23.10.17

Following our trip to Conisbrough Castle last week, we have been writing some informative recounts about what we did and what we found out. We have also been applying our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes by naming the shapes we saw whilst at the castle. In history we have been looking at the gunpowder plot to help us understand why we celebrate bonfire night. Have a lovely half term!

W/C 16/10/17

This week in year 2 we have been busy learning about different measures. We were estimating and comparing volume, mass and length using a variety of resources. In literacy we have been describing interesting settings using some excellent adjectives. As part of our enquiry topic we have been planning our visit to Conisbrough Castle! We are all very excited.

W/C 09/10/17

This week in year 2 we have been learning a model setting description about a desert. We have been using actions to help us remember the key words. In Enquiry Based Learning this week we have found out about Buckingham palace and other residences of the Queen. We have also been looking at and naming different parts of a castle. 

W/C 02/10/17

This week in Year 2 we have been writing some fantastic character description about fairy tale characters. Miss Loy and Miss Wilford were very impressed with our choice of adjectives.

W/C 25/09/17
This week I'm year 2 we have looked at adjectives and worked on how we can choose better adjectives to put in our writing. We have also been looking at time and how to tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes. This week we have been looking at spelling the 's' sound in different ways, watch out for the spelling list coming home!  
Miss Loy

W/C 18/09/17

 This week in year 2 we have been learning a model character description about a giant called Ugg. In maths we have been looking at perimeters of shapes and reading time on the clock. We have also started to show what we know about castles as part of our Enquiry Based Learning .

W/C 11/09/17

This week in Year 2 we have been working extremely hard every morning showing Miss Loy and Miss Wilford how good we are at reading,writing and maths.In the afternoon we have been exploring our new classroom and all the new equipment.We are looking forward to next week when we will be starting our new enquiry based learning topic called Long,Long ago.