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Welcome to the Class 3 page. Take a look at what we have been learning and if you want to leave us a comment then please do so...we'd love to hear from you!


W/C 13/11/17

This week has been assessment week. We have all worked very hard to show Miss Gillespie what we know. We have done GPS and spelling tests, an arithmetic paper and two reasoning papers in maths and a writing assessment.

As well as assessment week, this week has also been anti-bullying week. On Thursday we all wore something blue to show that we do not tolerate bullying at Milefield. In guided reading we have read two extracts from the book ‘Wonder’ by R.J.Palacio. We read about a boy called Auggie Pullman who just wanted to be ordinary. Unfortunately Auggie has a facial anomaly as we found out from his sister. Auggie didn’t want to describe himself because he said ‘whatever we imagined it was probably worse’.  We have considered Auggie’s thoughts and feelings when people run away from him screaming or stare and point or laugh.


W/C 06/11/17

This week Year 3 have spent time looking at diaries and the features that are included in a diary. They then wrote a diary entry of A Day in the Life of a Tomato. They used picture prompts to help their writing and tried to include the typical features of a diary. We were all really impressed with Jamie and Robyn’s work because they had used personal tone, included short sentences, rhetorical questions, written it in the first person and also in past tense.

In maths we have spent the week looking at place value. We have ordered numbers, written them as a number and in words, partitioned numbers e.g 347 = 300 + 40 + 7 and used partitioning to help us multiply.

We have done time challenges for our 2 times tables and awarded the children who are extremely confident with these.

In our topic work we have made our own charcoal like the Stone Age people would have and used it to produce our own cave art.

We thought about the hobbies of the Stone Age people and used clay to make necklaces and Neolithic balls. Some of us had a go at making figures in poses that represented actions of the Stone Age people (e.g. hunting).

Our spelling for next week will be as follows:

Words with the prefix ‘anti’ and ‘auto’-

antiseptic,    anti-clockwise,     antisocial,     autobiography,


Words with the suffix    ‘ation’-

information,  adoration,  sensation,  preparation,  admiration



W/C 23.10.17

This week Year 3 have started writing diaries. We used our trip as a basis for our diary entries. We have looked at prepositions for time, place and cause and tried to include these in our diary.

In maths we have worked on addition and subtraction word problems. We have learnt about geometric shapes, regular and irregular polygons and the features that they have. We have also looked at fractions and learnt our 4 times table.

Our guided reading has linked well this week to our topic work about Cave Paintings. We had a go at drawing outlines of animals and people based on Stone Age art, then used pastels to create our own artwork.

We are really excited for Halloween Fun Day on Friday.

W/C 16/10/17

 This week was an experience in itself. On the day when the sun went red, Year 3 became prehistoric people when they joined the Wolf Tribe on our trip to Murton Park in York.

We spent the day living like a true Stone Age person. We learnt about the Stone Age right through to the Bronze Age. We ground flour, took care of the land like real farmers whilst tending to our sheep. We made clay pots, drew artefacts and hunted like real prehistoric people, all in our prehistoric village. Everyone was really impressed with our behaviour and even commented on it to the staff at Murton Park.

We gathered around the camp fire at the end of the day and were told a true story about Otzi the Ice-Man, we had a go at writing this story up when we got back to school the following day with our own twist about why Otzi was the target of the crime. When our stories are complete we are going to send them to Murton Park where they will put them in a book.

We have worked on our instructions this week and included all the key features. We have been adding and subtracting fractions in maths and consolidating our learning of time using the 12 hour and digital clocks.


W/C 09.10.17

Year 3 have really got stuck into their Stone Age topic this week. They have followed 3 sets of instructions about how to make homes from the different periods of the Stone Age.

The children have looked at time connectives and used them to help them order a set of instructions. They have had a go at writing a set of instructions and have pulled several sets of instructions to bits to identify the key features. They have worked together in pairs to write an engaging introduction for their instructions and edited and improved these together.

The children then put their listening skills to the test and had a go at making a Palaeolithic cave out of clay, a Mesolithic Tee-pee using sticks, string and animal fur and finally a Neolithic home made out of stones, sticks, string, and a home-made version of wattle and daub.

We learnt about Skara Brae, a Neolithic village that was found in the Orkney Islands in Scotland. The children were really interested in this place and asked lots of questions to help their understanding.

In maths the children have worked some more on their understanding of addition and subtraction using column methods, including borrowing and carrying. They have looked at time some more and have worked on one hour earlier and later. Some of us extended our learning by looking at half an hour, an hour and a half, and quarter of an hour earlier and later. We now understand the terms parallel and perpendicular, vertical and horizontal.

We are really looking forward to our trip on Monday to Murton Park in York. Please remember to send your child in school uniform, but please ensure they have wellies and a warm, waterproof coat as we will be outside for the majority of the day. The weather is forecast to be warm this weekend but please ensure they are prepared for all eventualities.

Children will need to be at school for 8.30am on this day. Please don’t forget your packed lunches. Finally, we aim to be back at school for 4.30pm and will send a text to confirm that we have set off once we are on the road home

W/C 02.10.17

We have had another exciting week in Year 3.

We have taken some of our learning outdoors this week and practised turns. We then focused our turns on right angles and looked at how many right angles were in a half turn. Some of us then went to spot right angles in the environment. We then applied this to different situations like directing different objects across a given path. We have impressed Miss Gillespie this week with our problem solving skills when given tricky questions.

In literacy this week we have been learning about the suffix ‘ed’. We have learnt a spelling rule to help us spell words correctly, and have then tried to include them in our writing. We have worked hard on writing a resolution this week for our problems. Once we had solved our problems we were able to give our story an ending. We were most impressed this week with Siena’s story. Well done Siena.

In Creative curriculum we have had a go at making a timetable to put events from the Stone Age in chronological order. We then learnt about Stone Age homes from the 3 periods of time within the Stone Age. We compared the different homes and have been to gather resources such as sticks and stones, so that we can make our own Stone Age homes next week.

W/C 25/09/17

This week in literacy we have continued to work on our stories. We have written the middle of our story and introduced a problem. We have tried really hard to include co-ordinating conjunctions such as ‘and, but, yet, nor, so, or, for’. Have started to think about and look at adverbs and have tried to use these in our writing, such as ‘carefully, quickly, happily’.

Our spellings this week were all words where the y makes the i sound: myth, mystery, Egypt, pyramid and gym.


Next week our spellings are young, touch, double, trouble, country with a focus on ‘ou’ which makes an ‘u’ sound. Please make sure your child is learning these at home ready for a test on Friday.


In maths we have solved problems involving subtracting halves, quarters and three-quarters from a whole number using our cups. We have practised using vertical addition and subtraction and using borrowing to help our sums.

We have finished off our fact files in Creative Curriculum and are now confident talking about the 3 stages of the Stone Age period.

We enjoyed our first French lesson learning to say, read and write the words for hello, good-bye, yes, no and how to answer a question about how we are feeling.

All in all, a great week!

W/C 18/09/17

This week year 3 have been working on character descriptions of Stig and Barney from our class book. They have then had a go at writing a story introduction for their own story with their own characters and setting.

 In maths we have used cups to help us add and subtract. We have familiarised ourselves with vertical addition again in order to work out missing information and done some work on graphs and tables. We made comparisons of objects based on size then used this to help us replace bigger numbers with smaller amounts, and smaller numbers with bigger amounts, this will help us to understand ratio.

 In creative curriculum the children have enjoyed learning about the stages of evolution and found certain ones amusing. They have learnt about the 3 periods of the Stone Age, Palaeolithic (early/old Stone age), mesolithic (middle Stone Age) and Neolithic (late /new Stone Age) and begun making fact files about this


W/C 11/09/17

We have had a very busy week in Class 3, we have spent some time getting to know one another and all the children have settled in well. We are very impressed with our class attendance this week and how smart we have all looked.

Our topic for this term is the Stone Age and the children are excited to find out about this. We are really looking forward to our upcoming trip to Murton Park in York where we will experience a day in the life of the Stone Age people.

The children have enjoyed getting stuck into our new story ‘Stig of the Dump’ by Clive King and we have been writing some descriptions about the setting of the story.

We have practised some of the things we learnt last year in Maths Makes Sense to help us refresh our learning.

We are really excited for the year ahead and the fun learning opportunities that await us.

Parents please note Year 3 P.E will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from next week.

Miss Gillespie



W/C 17/07/17

This week we have finalised anything we have needed to do then made time to enjoy our last week in class 3. Miss Harber and Miss Howell have thoroughly enjoyed this school year and we wish everyone a fantastic summer break, ready to start class 4.



W/C 03/07/17

This week class 3 took part in sports day and they tried really hard we are very proud.

In maths we have been looking at odd and even numbers and recognising patterns. In literacy we have been drawing story maps to help us remember famous stories and using compound and complex sentences in our work.

We have also been looking at French months and using oil pastels to create pictures with primary, secondary and tertiary colours.


W/C 26/06/17

This week class 3 have been writing different forms of poetry including Haikus, Cinquains and Acrostic. In maths we have looked at decimal numbers and pound and pence where we we have partitioned numbers.

We have also taken part in some science experiments and did some weaving in creative curriculum.


W/C 19/06/17

 This week class 3 have been taking part in a science experiment where we used friction surface to make a paper clip float in water. We created a chart to record our findings and made sure it was a fair test by using different factors such as size, colour and shape.

It took a lot of trying but we managed to do it!


We have also been looking at pronouns in GPS and have changed sentences to add them into our work.


W/C 05th June 2017

This week class three have been reading about politics and have debated our opinions.

In maths we have used tally charts to find out what seasons we were born in, then we used the data to create a bar chart.

We are all looking forward to "Milefields got talent" on Monday!

 W/C 22/05/17

This week class three have been working on assessments and they have all tried so hard! In between this we have been concentrating on adding suspense to our stories and learning them off by heart through drama and actions!


We have also taken part in sports activities where we enjoyed practising lots of exercises and cheering each other on!


Well done class 3, enjoy your school holiday!


W/C 15/05/17

This week we have been concentrating on Egypt and have designed our own pyramids! We have also started to look at mystery stories, our first story is about an adventure in the Egyptian tombs. We have started to learn the actions which we will be using to help us write our own mystery stories. We have also had a go at writing our names in Egyptian hieroglyph!

W/C 08/05/17

This week class 3 have been researching different news stories to help us write our news papers articles. We used sticky notes to pick out key information and then became a news line for our friends to read.


In maths we have been looking at 1D, 2D and 3D shapes and we made nets into boxes!


We have continued to look at the world concentrating on countries and have started a name the flag tournament. Tyler is currently in the lead!

W/C 01/05/17

This week class 3 have been looking at countries of the world. We used an atlas to find different countries and continents and then chose a country to make the shape of in our groups.
In literacy we have become news reporters, interviewing each other and designing our own newspapers and have also been using a computer to research news around the world that we can use.

Star of the week is Macey for amazing literacy work.

 W/C 24/04/17

This week class 3 received a newspaper article called "Pirate Press" telling us that Captain Jelly Belly is shipwrecked on a tropical island! We were challenged to create a new pirate ship that he could sail around the world on. We are also using this to write in a journalistic style about news around the world.


W/C 03/04/17.

This week class 3 had another visit from Captain Jelly Belly. He left us words to search for in the dictionary which helped us to discover a special treasure map! We then followed the map using our compasses and turns to find a special surprise!

We have also been designing our own maps and plotting co ordinates (using an X and Y axis) and using adverbial phrases in our GPS lessons.


W/C 27.03.17

This week class 3 enjoyed our trip to the Cooper Gallery where we sketched our favourite paintings from the gallery, looked at the way Picasso used printing and even made some prints of our own!

In class we have had a visit from Captain Jelly Belly the friendly pirate! We enjoyed following his hidden clues outside (even if he did make us jump at first) and found a special letter left on the X! We are now planning our letters to write back. 

Our stars of the week are Molly and Connor for fantastic handwriting!

W/C 20/03/17

Class 3 have been working really hard on assessments this week and have shown some great progression in all areas!

However on Friday we had a fabulous fun day, taking part in Red Nose Day activities and painting our Kandinsky inspired pictures to take on our trip Monday. 

Our star of the week is Summer for fantastic letter writing!

W/C 06/03/17 

This week year 3 have been looking at pirates. We have used computers to research famous pirates from the UK. We have also had our own debate on whether or not we think pirates are real. 

We have also been looking at Grimethorpe and spent a lesson outside sketching the areas we could see.

Class 3 have started observing clouds too and we can name and recognise up to 3. Our stars of the week are Adrian, Vanesa and Charlie.



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