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Welcome to the Class 6 page. Take a look at what we have been learning and if you want to leave us a comment then please do so...we'd love to hear from you!

W/C 08/01/18

A warm welcome back Year 6! You have come back ready and raring to go! Well done everyone- keep up this fab attitude this term! 

 We have been getting back into the swing of things and trying hard to beat our scores each time we do an assessment style paper! Big well done to your very mature and positive attitude to learning Year 6! This will be key on the run up to SATS! 

 As you have worked so hard last half term and settled into this half term well, I have decided to organise some trips and themed days for us to enjoy and learn about our WW2 topic in depth! We are aiming to answer all those questions you wanted to know and what we brainstormed just before Christmas and we’re going to do this with a trip to Eden Camp and a ‘Pie and Peas Night’ - don’t forget to bring your letters back so you don’t miss out! 

 Have a lovely weekend Y6! 

Mrs Underhay 

W/C 13/11/17

Year 6 have been working hard on their Literacy and Numeracy looking at fractions, decimals and percentages and their equivalents; we are also in the process of writing our own suspense story!


Just a reminder there is another SATS meeting for Y6 parents on Thursday 23rd at 3.15pm. This will be incredibly beneficial for you to attend if you have children in Y6 as we will have past papers for you to look at and the expectations of the new test.


We are also looking at putting on  maths workshops for parents in all year groups to attend, which show how we work out the 4 operations in class. It will be run on Tuesday 28th at 2.30pm. A letter will be coming out soon – we look forward to seeing you all J


W/C 23/10/17

 This week Y6 have been hard at work unpicking word problems and trying to solve some particularly tricky reading comprehensions. They have all been working hard and need to keep this up! Last week we were hard at work completing assessments; their hard work has paid off as all children have beaten their scores from last time! Well done Y6!


I would just like to say a big thank you to all parents that came to the parent – pupil open day; I will also be running a SATS meeting for parents/ guardians after the half term to discuss what will happen in SATS and resources will be available to look at that may support your child at home. A maths workshop will also be available to show the different methods that we use in school.


Keeping up with our homework, I will send a few more pieces home for children to have a go at over the holidays – the children have been doing well with this and rewards will be given if they bring their work back after the holidays J


Well done year 6! You have worked incredibly hard this half term – make sure you relax and get your energy charged back up ready for after half term!


W/C 09/10/17

This week in year 6 we have been on a very exciting trip up to Outwood Academy where the children participated in a number of different science activities!
We have also been working hard in class converting units of measure and having a go at some diary writing, all linked to our WWII topic.
A big well done to all children bringing back your daily homework and remember reading at home each day is also incredibly important :)
Well done class 6 keep up all the hard work and have a lovely weekend!

w/c 02/10/17

This week in Year 6 we have been working hard and picking up the pace now – you have all worked incredibly hard this week and now need to keep this up! Well done to all children who have brought all your homework back in your folders. Hopefully you have told all the people you live with, about how hard you have been working and taking home your homework each day.

As of last week, Y6 have been taking home a piece of homework home each evening that they can do either that night or over the weekend, along with their reading each night! Well done to all those children bringing them back each morning J

Remember an extra challenge from Mrs Underhay (remember how much we like a challenge) try learning you’re 6,7,8x tables fluently. You could chant them or write them down – maybe you could even ask someone at home to help you learn them!

Keep up all the hard work and a big well done for this week!

Have a lovely weekend Y6 J


W/C 25/09/17

This week Year 6 have been hard at work learning all about the two different clauses within a sentence: main clauses and subordinate clauses. We have also been looking at prepositions and prepositional phrases! All tricky stuff! We have also looked at putting these new terms into our writing both in our Literacy lessons and topic lessons.
In topic we have been continuing our learning of WW2 that the children are very excited about! We have been making our very own WW2 leaflets putting all our literacy skills into practice.
In maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction along with word problems that involve these operations!
Year 6 have worked hard with this and need to continue all their hard work! Well done Year 6!

 W/C 11/09/17

A warm welcome back year 6- you have come back with an excellent attitude and your behaviour has been superb! A big well done!  This week we have been working hard and conducting our Year 6 assessment week where the children have been completing both Year 5 and Year 6 SATs papers. I have been incredibly impressed with their attitude and the children are definitely settling into Year 6 very well!  Keep it up Year 6! :)

A big well done to Year 6 for all their hard work and dedication to their studies this year! They have been dedicated and hard working from the very beginning and just now need to stay positive and confident next week! Also a big thank you to parents and guardians for continual support with after school clubs and encouraging their children with homework etc. 
A letter has been sent out today detailing the SATs and the timetable of the week. 
The children have also had some very important homework this weekend which is to: have fun!! The children must do something they love whether this is riding their bike, walking their dog or reading a book! The children also need to make sure they are all well rested for next week! If they want to do a little revision not too much and just on the things that they aren't as confident with! 
Enjoy your fun weekend Year 6 and come back ready to go on Monday morning! 
Miss Farrar :) 


W/C 03.04.17

This week we have been working really hard on our practice SATs.

Don't forget we are will be running Easter SATs booster sessions throughout the holidays.We hope to see everyone there. Children will be bringing home a SATs revision pack to work through. If they do not complete it all at home or they are struggling,they can fetch it into the revision sessions and we will work through it together.

W/C 27.03.17

This week we have been revising and working hard on our SATs revision. There are two people in the class taking this very seriously - Mr Trickett and Miss Lockwood. Everyday they battle it out to take first place in our practice papers. WE have enjoyed making quizzes for each other to help us revise but also have helped make quizzes for the staffroom at lunchtime to test our teachers and support staff knowledge!

W/C 20.03.17

This week we've been working hard revising for SATS and trying incredibly hard with our boosters! We have been trying hard to beat our personal best in our arithmetic tests and GPS tests! A big well done year 6 keep up all the hard work!   However alongside this we've been listening to a song a day over different eras and lots of different music types to get us ready for learning! 


W/C 06.03.17 

We have been working hard with our SATS revision and booster groups; all Y6 are trying and working incredibly hard including working on practice questions in all 4 areas - Reading, Writing, GPS and Numeracy. I will be starting to send homework home weekly/ daily please encourage your child to complete it and return it! Many thanks in advance.


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