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Welcome to the EYFS class page. Take a look at what we have been learning and let us know what you think. 


W/C 16/04/18

This week in the EYU we have been enjoying the sunshine and doing lots of learning outdoors. We have played addition and subtraction ring games and become expert den makers in the construction area.

 Our unit is currently a detective scene as we have been searching for Rosie Rabbit. We explored a crime scene, wrote wanted posted and made police badges to help solve the mystery. Our children are relieved to know Rosie was on a holiday and is back safe and sound with a holiday book of her adventures we have enjoyed reading!


W/C 19/03/18

The EYU has had a busy last 2 weeks! We have had sport relief where we ran a mile, Easter crafts, an Easter hunt and our Easter sing along as well as all our learning! (Photos to come soon).

 We hope all the children have a wonderful Easter break!


W/C 05/03/18

This week we have been very busy in the EYFS

 We watched a scientist talking about forces and even joined in with some of the experiments.

 We have visited the farm and looked at all the animals.We even went on an egg hunt and looked at the eggs in the incubator that will be hatching soon. We cannot wait to see the baby chicks when they have hatched.

Our parents and carers came in on Friday for World Book Day and hey read us some lovely stories and helped us to make lots of exciting things.


W/C 26/02/18


W/C 05/02/18

This week in the EYU we have been on the reading bus and explored some exciting books, our favourite was Supertato but we enjoyed lots of different stories. In provision we have been creating some valentines crafts and looking at height and length in different ways.

W/C 29/01/2018

This week in the EYU we have been reading the gingerbread man and creating our own in the creative area. We have also been making gingered men in play dough and weighing them to see which is heavy or light. 

We have also become superheroes to help us do some super writing, looked at Obb and Bob to work out real and alien words and painted some of our favourite Disney characters.

W/C 22/01/2018

This week in the EYU we have been looking at different ways to use time, including, drawing hands on clocks, talking about our daily routine, using timers and stopwatches to test how many jumps we can do and our favourite "what time is it Mr wolf?".

 We were lucky on Friday as some children made the unit jam sandwiches! 

 If you have any empty containers please bring them to school so children can build with them, thank you. 


This week in the EYU we met Smartie the penguin and his daddy who showed us how to stay safe online. We listened to his story and learned the song to help remind us. We then coloured in some pictures and wrote some sentences about what he told us. 

We have also been acting out some traditional stories in the small world area which has been very fun!

 If any parents/guardians have any empty cartons they can bring in next week this would really help with something special we will be making!

W/C 08/01/18

A big welcome back to school this week! Our children have come back with lots of enthusiasm and are ready to learn. We are looking at Disney and traditional tales this term and the early years unit is full of fantastic things to chose from. This week the three bears visited and left some porridge for us to weigh, find hidden words in and set up the dinner table. Outside, our  house has turned into a sweet house from Hansel and Gretel for us to retell stories, we have found some turnips in our mud kitchen we hope will grow enormous and we have been constructing bridges to help the three Billy goats across!


This week maybe you could read any traditional tales you have at home with your children and they can share them with the class. 


W/C 11/12/ 17

This week in the EYU we took part in our Christmas sing a long. We all did a fantastic job and our grown ups were very proud. In class we have been watching and reading about the Christmas story and talking about why we have Christmas. We have also enjoyed using the weighing scales to weigh presents for Santa's sleigh!


W/C 27/11/17

This week in the EYU we have been practising for our Christmas sing a long. We are really excited to show our grown ups how good we are and wear our Christmas jumpers! 

Maybe you could practice with them at home this week so you are ready to join in on the 11th. 


W/C 20/11/17

This week in the EYU F2 have used cups to work out maths stories in our group time, working with partners. 

We have also been experimenting changes by making play-dough, feeling icy water to see how cold it was in the Ice age and visiting the farm looking at how tomatoes grow. 


Maybe this week you could look at some changes in the environment whilst you are out and about such as the weather. 

W/C 13/11/17

This week the EYU have been looking at ice-age animals. We made paintings of mammoths, used stones to make caves, made cave men drawings outside and found ice cubes in our water tray which we observed melting!

We have also been busy making Pudsey Bear pictures and enjoyed our spotty face paints for Children in need.



W/C 06/11/17

This week the Early Years Unit have been looking at photos from our dinosaur trip and made some of our own books retelling what we did! We have made some beautiful poppies and talked about why we have them in group circle time.

We have also had a visit from some special animals but you will have to wait till next week to find out who!


W/C 23.10.17

This week we have been enjoying some Halloween crafts and activities in the EYU. We are looking forward to Halloween fun day on Friday. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff, children and parents for their hard work and perseverance this half term.


During the holidays don't forget to complete your purple holiday diary! We are looking forward to seeing all that you have been up to this holiday!

W/C 09/10/17

This week some of the children from the EYU have been to the farm to see what a vet does. They watched the vet look at one of our goats who had a poorly foot. The vet gave the goat some medicine.

Maybe when this week you could talk to your child about the different occupations people have. A Firefighter, A policeman or a shop keeper. As always we welcome any pictures or work from home.  

W/C 02/10/17

We have been reading in the early years this week. We have been thinking about what sounds we can hear at the beginning of words. We have even been attempting to write them! We have been using our pre-reading skills to read familiar logos and signs.


Maybe when you are out and about this weekend can you could help your child to spot letters and familiar logos to enhance their reading skills.

W/C 25/09/17

We have enjoyed our Dinosaur topic. We found some T-Rex footprints in our outdoor area so have been investigating Dinosaurs in books and on the internet to find out what they are called and what is special about them.

W/C 18/09/17

This week Nursery have been to the farm and to harvest some of the vegetables grown. They picked sweet corn, tomatoes and green beans. We tasted some of them and they were yummy!

W/C 11/09/17

Welcome back! In Early Years this week we had lots of fun making new friends and finding out all about the different exciting thing that we can do at school.