Whole school days...


Take a look at all the days and events we've enjoyed as a school community. We have had dress up days, fundraising days and also been out into the community to represent our school.



Reading Bus update August 2017




Prom Class of 2017




Milefield's Got Talent.

We certainly have... what a fantastic show our children put on . Look out Simon Cowell for our Miley super stars hitting your stage in the future !



Our school football team took part in Barnsley FC futsal Tournament and came away CHAMPIONS !!

A big thank you also to VIY for sponsoring us so we could purchase a brand new school football kit .

 Easter Fun day  

We really enjoyed Easter fun day take a look at some of the wonderful decorated eggs and Easter bonnets that we made . It was an EGGCELLENT day!

We enjoyed World book day at school. Our theme was 'bedtime stories'. We came to school in our Pyjamas and some of us enjoyed hot chocolate, biscuits and a bedtime story in the dark. Families came to join in our reading craft activities in the afternoon.


Year 6 enjoyed a World War II night. They had to black out windows and when the siren went get into their Anderson shelters. They made evacuee tags and also enjoyed learning card games to entertain themselves.



Young Voices was a concert held in Sheffield where some of our KS2 choir performed and represented our school. Well done to you children. We are really proud of your achievements.


We enjoyed taking part in Roald Dahl day as a school. Can you guess who we are? Well done to everyone who took part!