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Welcome to the Governors' section of the Milefield Primary School website!

We hope this section gives you a little more information as to what the Governing Body is, its role and who the school's Governors are.

The Governing Body, consisting of a team of volunteers, works hard to act as a 'critical friend' for the senior management of the school. It is our role to hold the school to account in its efforts to continue to improve and strategically develop the school. We ensure that the education of our pupils remains its core focus.

To this end, the Governing Body meets in full once a term to discuss key strategic issues and ensure it meets its statutory obligations.

All minutes of Governing Body and Committee meetings are available for parents to view (via the school office).

Governors generally serve for four years and are provided with lots of opportunities for training, mainly provided through Barnsley Metropolitan Council, in areas such as safeguarding, school finance, health and safety and the curriculum.

As Governors we attend school events and also carry out visits during the school day to observe areas of the curriculum being taught, use of school resources and the general operation and running of the school.

Please follow our links below to find out more about school Governors and our roles and responsibilities:

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