KS1 Curriculum

National Curriculum

In KS1 we follow the National Curriculum programmes of study for core and foundation subjects. These are published by the Department for Education

The core subjects are: 

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computing
  • PE

English - Writing 

There are several strands that make up the English National Curriculum programme of study. These are: 

  • Transcription (the ability to spell)
  • Handwriting & Presentation (the ability to write clearly and fluently)
  • Composition (the ability to write texts)
  • Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation (the ability to use different types of sentences and punctuation correctly)

In KS1 we follow the Read, Write, Inc scheme to teach phonics, reading and writing skills that children need. This is followed until the beginning of Y2 however, some children may need to continue on the scheme for a little while longer. Miss Wilford our RWI lead offers informal parent sessions to give further information. You can also look on the RWI website.

Once children have completed the RWI programme they begin to take part in more formal literacy lessons. In KS1 we teach writing through the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach. Talk for Writing has been developed by Pie Corbett supported by Julia Strong, and is powerful because it is based on the principles of how children learn. Talk for Writing enables children to imitate the key language they need for a particular topic orally before they try reading and analysing it. Through fun activities that help them rehearse the tune of the language they need, followed by shared writing to show them how to craft their writing, children are helped to write in the same style.

English - Reading 

There are two strands in Reading: word reading (decoding and recognising words in print) and comprehension (understanding what has been read).

In Year 1 children working on recognising letters and sounds daily during talk and toast and have a daily RWI session. In Year 2 children have daily guided reading sessions in small groups and access purposeful reading activities through their literacy sessions. In KS1 we endeavour to listen to all children read 1:1 with an adult on a 2 weekly cycle alongside daily small group reading opportunities.


There are several strands that make up the Mathematics National Curriculum programme of study. These are: 

  • Number & Place Value
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division (known as 'the four operations')
  • Fractions (and Decimals)
  • Measurement
  • Statistics, Ratio, Proportion & Algebra

In KS1 we teach maths through a whole school maths programme called Maths Makes Sense, which teaches children the learning system of mathematics. The children use a resource tables, maths tables and cups during the session. The combination of objects, actions and vocabulary makes maths accessible to all children. Children are able to use what they learn in MMS and apply it to all mathematical problems. Miss Wilford our MMS lead, offers informal parent sessions to give further information. You can also look on the MMS website.


Enquiry Based Learning

Enquiry based learning in KS1 provides an opportunity for children to act as co-constructors of their curriculum. It enables children to personalise their learning.

Each year group follows a topic for a term or half term. Within the topic the teacher plans for learning opportunities using children’s previous knowledge and their interests. The topics cover all foundation subjects of the national curriculum but are fundamentally cross curricular incorporating all aspects of learning.

Through this approach children are encouraged to research, investigate and problem solve to inform their learning. This approach/learning style encourages children to take ownership of their learning and become engaged, independent and motivated.

Our curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. The curriculum is taught using a variety of teaching and learning styles including:

  • Whole class teaching
  • Collaborative work including – in pairs and small groups
  • Individual work
  • Independent work
  • Visual learning
  • Auditory
  • TactileIn KS1 our PE sessions take place twice a week (Y1 – Mondays & Fridays) and (Y2 – Mondays & Wednesdays). These sessions are conducted by our in school PE Teacher Mr Forgione.
  • Music
  • PE

In KS1 we are taught Music by our specialist music teacher Mr Trickett on a Monday. We also have a weekly singing assembly on a Friday.