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Key Stage 2 Provision

Key Stage 2 refers to the educational provision and learning opportunities provided for children aged 7-11 years. Children in Key Stage 2 will complete a full academic year in:


·         Year 3

·         Year 4

·         Year 5

·         Year 6


Currently, at Milefield Primary School, KS2 is separated into single age year groups and comprises of four classes led by:


  • Miss Gillespie (Year 3)
  • Miss Williams (Year 4)
  • Miss Murphy (Year 5)
  • Mrs Underhay (Year 6)


All learning in KS2 is  linked to the aims, objectives and programmes of study set out in the ‘National Curriculum’. In addition, pupils are provided with experiences which link to core skills in Literacy and Numeracy and cover a range of objectives to develop their skills and abilities in these areas.


Personal Information

If your personal details or contact numbers change can parents/carers please inform the school office or a member of Key Stage 2 staff as soon as possible.



For information and procedures relating to school absence including;

  • Reporting Illness
  • Late Arrival
  • Late Collection
  • Illness During School Hours
  • Holidays

Please refer to the attendance sub section within Well-Being.


First –Aid & Medical Issues

At Milefield Primary we have 13 members of staff fully trained to adminster first aid  who are  on site to assist with illness or injury.

For additional information relating to first-aid and/or medical issues please visit our school office page.


School Dinners & Milk


On the 1st January 2015, all schools in England will be legally required to provide school meals that comply with the School Food Standards. The new School Food Standards will replace all current guidelines and aim to ensure that children get the nutrition they need across the whole school day.


At Milefield Primary School we fully support these standards and the aims of the School Food Plan. Effective of 5th September 2014, we are proud to share that we will be one of the first schools to provide a full day's meal plan for all children. All children in school will be provided with:



  • Breakfast: Slice of Toast (Choice of white/wholemeal)

  • Mid-Morning: Milk

  • Lunch: A nutritionally balanced hot meal accompanied by a choice of potatoes, a choice of vegetables, a choice of salad and a choice of breads as well as a choice of home-made pudding, yogurt and fruit.  

  • Afternoon Snack: Fruit

  • Access to cold drinking water throughout the school day.


 As of September 2014, school will no longer offer the meal options of jacket potato, pasta king or deli and will no longer be able to facilitate packed lunch brought from home. The options available to parents/carers and children will be:


1. School Meal Plan


2. Lunch provision provided at home


This is not a decision which has been taken lightly but one that has been researched and discussed extensively within school (as part of the school meals pilot) and in consultation with parents and external professionals. For further information about the school meal pilot and the phenomenal results it generated please click here.



Everyday all children will be provided with a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal with special provision/meal options being available for:


  • Children with special dietary requirements/food intolerances

  • Children who are vegetarian, vegan etc.

  • Children who cannot eat specific foods due to religious/cultural beliefs