PE and Sports at Milefield



Team Activ 

 In the new year, all pupils will have the chance to work with Team Activ in sports. We have bought into their competitions package and this means all pupils from KS1-KS2 will have opportunities to take part in local events and competitions in a range of sports. These will be shared with parents and whenever possible, parents will be invited to watch their children take part.

Team Activ will also be training our HLTAs and some teaching staff in PE delivery across FS-Y4. This will then be used in all PE lessons delivered by HLTAs.

Breakfast clubs from January will have a sports focus and pupils will be invited to join in with pupils from all age ranges every morning from 8-9am. This costs £1 per pupil which will go towards funding coaches for pupils to transport them to events and competitions.


Gifted and Talented

At Milefield we are always on the lookout for future sports stars. Teachers work closely with parents and sports coaches to highlight children with exceptional skills in different areas of PE. We work hard to tailor all PE sessions to meet the needs of the child through are setting of children. We also provide advice to parents about sport opportunities outside school that may be beneficial to their child.

Extra- Curricular Activities

At milefield we will provide a variety of after-school activities for FS-Y6 in a range of sporting endeavours. Watch this space for updates once we have received feedback from all pupils.

Monday - 3.15 - 4.15pm - FS

Tuesday 3.15 - 4.15pm - KS1

Wednesday 3.15 - 4.15pm - KS1

Thursday 3.15-4.15pm - KS2

Friday 3.15-4.15pm - KS2


When children enter Year 4 they are given the opportunity to access swimming lessons . The swimming lessons take part in February (Beginning 22nd February) and last for 15 weeks. Children really look forward to their weekly swimming lesson. Please make sure they bring a swimming kit and towel every week. Swimming kit should be: shorts for boys and costume for girls.

Sports premium grant from DfE

Please see below for our most recent Sports Premium grant and how we have spent it to ensure your pupils receive the best possible PE provision.