‘Behaviour at Milefield


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A Positive Approach to Behaviour

At Milefield Primary School we pride ourselves on how children behave in and around school. We use a positive rewards system to ensure children are motivated to behave, work and play appropriately and to ensure a high standard of conduct is maintained.


As a school we encourage our children to develop self-discipline and we have many incentives and rewards to achieve this. This is reflected in our whole school ‘It’s Brilliant to be Blue’ behaviour scheme which involves both rewards and sanctions. This system was devised in consultation with our children and they were fully involved in making decisions about the colour system and wording used.


The system enables all pupils to make positive choices about their behaviour and is used as part of daily teaching in order to promote positive behaviour. Pupils who consistently follow the rules are noticed and rewarded.




Our ‘Brilliant to

be Blue’







to be Blue’



to be Orange’




to be Purple’




to be Green’



to be Pink’



to be Yellow’

Red Owl Clip Art‘It’s


to be Red’


 * In Early Years children use a simplified version of the chart using only 4 colours - Red, Green, Purple and Blue.


The following colours are used as positive reinforcement:


  • Green: All pupils start on ‘Green’ everyday
  • Purple: Children receive praise, move up chart and receive a purple card from class teacher and a sticker
  • Orange: Children are praised, move up chart and receive an orange card from class teacher and a chancy point
  • Blue: Praise is given, children move up chart and receive small prize (e.g. magnet; pencil; bookmark etc.) and a blue card from Ms. Murray




  • Pink: Children are given a first warning & move down the chart.

This provides the opportunity for a pupil to start making the right choices so they can move back to the green. Staff look for opportunities to move pupils back to the green card.


  • Yellow: A Second Warning is given, children move down the chart and are given reflection time in class.

This provides the opportunity for a pupil to start making the right choices so they can move back to the green. Staff look for opportunities to move pupils back to the pink and green.


  • Red:Children are given time out of class to reflect on their actions (15mins) and move down to red.

Pupils will move to the reflection area class and use a timer. On successful completion of ‘Reflection Time’ the pupil moves back to the yellow card.


School staff will only decide to move a child’s name to the pink, yellow or red cards if the pupil is clearly and/or repetitively displaying incorrect conduct. All staff support pupils to change their behaviour/decisions.


At least one warning is always provided for pupils in between each stage.



Further Consequences/Sanctions


If children repeatedly show ‘red’ behaviours further out-of-class consequences (at break/lunchtimes) will apply. This may included consequences such as loss of play time. 


Whilst we always aims for a consistent approach in delivering consequences the intention, context and severity of an incident will be taken into account when delivering further consequences.


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