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Welcome to the Class 1 page...

Take a look at what we have been learning and let us know what you think.

Each week we will update you with what we have been learning and add some pictures too.  Happy reading...

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In Literacy we have moved onto a book called 'I want my hat back'. The children have been really hooked into this book and have enjoyed giving advice to different animals in the book. Next week we will be starting a write up of our books. We are innovating the story to make it more personal to our class. I am really looking forward to see what the children produce from this!

In Maths we have started learning about multiplication. So far we have just been learning about groups of and understanding how to count in groups using concrete objects.

In Topic we have been learning about plants, including their life cycles and labelling the different parts of a plant. We have also been thinking about friendships in PSHE and a Christian story.

Next week is our KS1 arts and crafts session. Please try and come along for 2 o'clock to help your child make their very own habitats! If anyone has any spare shoe boxes then please bring them in!

Miss Stead


In Literacy so far we have been reading The Odd Egg. This book has sparked a lot of interest and got children’s imaginations flowing with ideas. We have done lots of adjective work, character descriptions and fact writing about birds. Within this we have integrated some PSHE about how people and things are different, how people’s actions and words can make us feel. 

In maths we have been learning about place value, then we will be moving onto addition and subtraction. 

Image preview

In topic we are learning all about The Enchanted Forest. Within this we have only started to learn about life cycles and habitats. The children are hooked into our topic and we are loving teaching it! We look forward to what else we are going to be learning about!

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In phonics we have been making our learning more active and collaborative. The children are really engaged in their learning! 
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Miss Stead


Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We have started the New Year off with a bang and got stuck into learning straight away. The children have really impressed me with how much they have remembered from before the holidays!


In Literacy our focus book is called the Odd Egg. Our final piece of writing will be to write a fact sheet about a chosen animal.

In Maths we are learning about number and place value.

In Topic we have got the theme of the Enchanted Forest so we have been learning all about different life cycles and habitats so far.

Please remember that PE is on Wednesday and Thursday! Children need to bring full PE kits on these days!

Parent reading is still happening on Tuesdays and Thursdays, please come and join us!

Energy Club after school letters have been sent out this week, if anyone has missed this letter but would like to come to this club please come and see me for a letter.


Miss Stead.


The children in Class 1 have worked incredibly hard over this past week. We have been incredibly busy but the children have coped with all sorts of changes which is fantastic. We had our Christmas Production- The Stars Come out for Christmas. The children were a credit to our school so a huge well done to them!

We hope you all enjoyed seeing the hard work paying off!

Please take a look at the Newsletter which has lots of information on about what we are learning about next half term and how you can help your child at home during the Christmas Holidays. Please make a note of all the important dates around Christmas which was on a letter that went home this week.

We are asking for any food donations for our Christmas Party. That would be much appreciated!

Thank you for continued support.

Miss Stead.


Another busy week in Year 1! We are well underway for practicing out Christmas Production. Make sure you get your tickets from the office, £1.50 per ticket and 2 tickets allocated per family. Thursday 12th Dec. We look forward to seeing lots of you there! The children have been rehearsing and it is starting to look fabulous!

In topic this week we have been learning about the meaning of Christmas so we can full understand what our Christmas production is about.

In Maths we having been learning about length and height.

In Literacy we have started our new book called Astrogirl. Lots of children have already taken a huge interest in this book and we have only read 3 pages so far! If any children wish to do extra learning at home about space then please bring it into school so we can showcase it!

I look forward to our exciting times ahead ready for Christmas!


Miss Stead


This week in maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Next week we are learning about time, including clocks and events of a day.

In Literacy we have been learning about the importance of sequencing a story. We have introduced Sarah's Sock and she will be the character we will be writing about next week! We look forward to seeing our full extended pieces of writing to put into our portfolios next week!

In topic we have learnt about the differences between human and physical features of both England and Madagascar. We look forward to finding out where he is next week!

Thank- you to everyone who came to support us at our Christmas Fair. Our class came 3rd in the school competition so thank you to everyone who bought our lovely biscuits!

Please ensure children are bringing in full PE kits, including jumpers, joggers and outdoor trainers. Our PE lessons will be outside if the weather permits us to go out!

Unfortunately our attendance was only 91.6%! Lets hope next week we will get back to our target of 96%!


Thursday 12th December at 10am and 1:30pm our KS1 Christmas Production! Tickets are available to purchase at the main office.


Miss Stead


What a busy week we had last week! With Ofsted visiting our school we have been extremely busy. I would like to say how proud I am of all the children in Class 1 for their behaviour and attitude towards learning whilst we had our visitors in school.

In Literacy this week we have been reading our story about Stanley's Stick, we are going to innovate a new story that follows the same theme as this book!

In Maths we are learning about shapes and sequencing the order of the days and weeks.

In Topic we received a new postcard from Barnaby Bear! This week he is in Madagascar! (We wish we were there too!) So we have been learning about how we could help Barnaby get home back to Barnsley!

On Monday we had Remembrance Day assembly.

Tuesday Anti- Bullying- odd socks day.

Friday Children In Need!

Take a look at our class twitter page for photos and regular updates from school- @MfpsY1


Miss Stead


our final week before half term! What a busy week that was! We have had our Halloween fun day, where we decorated biscuits, had sweets AND we all got our own toys! We have finished off our teddy bears that we have spent a long time designing, planning and making! 

It has also been attendance matters week and I am so pleased and proud to say that we did incredible! 100% attendance on 4 out of 5 days! All children were able to receive an attendance treat of a postcard, juice and sweets! 

I hope you all have a safe and relaxing half term! 
Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @MfpsY1


Miss Stead


We have had lots of fun this week in Year 1! We have had a lovely teddy bears picnic. In literacy we have been gathering the skills needed for writing instructions. To do this we made jam sandwiches!

In maths we have been learning about addition and vocabulary surrounding the + and = sign.

In topic we have been designing our very own teddy bears! Next week we will be starting to make our teddy bears! Keep a look out for our fantastic pieces of work!

We have now set up a class twitter page, please follow us for daily updates and important information! @MfpsY1

Our class attendance this week- 98% still fantastic and above target! Well done, so proud of us again! 
Miss Stead


As well as weekly updates about your children’s learning on here we are also going to be making you aware of how we are doing for attendance in class. This week we were at 96.7% which is our whole school target so that is fantastic! However last week we were at 100% so we have high expectations now to archive this every week! 

In literacy this week we have written up our recounts from our school trip. In maths we have been learning about addition using counters and number bonds. In curriculum we have compared old and new toys and had our first e-safety lesson so we all know how to stay safe online! 

Thank you to all parents who came to my parents meeting, it was lovely to get to know you all better and have a conversation with you about your child’s progress and targets! I hope you found this as helpful as I did!

Please remember to bring in a teddy bear for our picnic on our Tuesday!


Miss Stead


What an exciting week we have had in class 1! We have been on our first trip together to Weston Park Museum in Sheffield. We have been on an exciting toy trial and answered some tricky questions when we were walking round. The children behaved outstandingly and were an asset to our school. Take a look at some of the pictures below from our school trip! Over the next week we will be writing up a detailed recount of our trip to the museum!

Miss Stead


This week in maths we have been learning about ordering objects and numbers. We have had a go at making our class height order which we will keep practicing and when we get it right I shall put a photo on here! 

In literacy the children have really impressed me with their stories about Goldilocks and the three bears. All children have had a go at acting out the story using masks and we have all been able to contribute. 

Remember it is our trip on Tuesday next week. Please make sure children arrive at school promptly for 8:50am in full school uniform. 

I look forward to our day out next week!

Miss Stead


In maths this week we have been looking at comparing objects. We have learnt new words such as greater than and less than and we have learnt what these mean. The children have worked really hard to learn these and they have really impressed me with how much they already know! In literacy we have broken down the steps a little more and focussed on sentence structure and what sentences are. In topic we are learning about the properties of materials and what uses we have for materials.

Thank you to all parents who have been coming to our parent reading sessions, it is really nice to see you having quality time with your children sharing a book. We have had fantastic attendance this week, the children have been fantastic with their punctuality at school and I hope this continues! Well done to everyone!

Please ensure you have handed in your trip letters and money to me or at the office!


Miss Stead


This week in Year 1 we have been learning about counting forwards and backwards. In literacy we have been learning about adjectives to describe Goldilocks and the cottage. Next week we will have our first attempt at re- writing Goldilocks and the three bears.

Thank you to all children who brought in full PE kits this week on Wednesday and Thursday, hopefully next week we will have a full house! Also thank you to those parents who came to our parent reading sessions, I will ensure the gates are open before 3pm so we can have as many people come as possible to join us!

If you have any spare fabric that we can use to make our teddy bears with that would be much appreciated. Any bedding, old clothing or pyjamas that are clean and that you can cut easily with scissors.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Stead


Welcome to Year 1.

The children are beginning to settle into our new routine in the classroom. It is always a challenge for children transitioning from Early Years to Year 1 as they go from continuous provision to sitting at tables doing lessons. Our topic this half term is toys, with a focus on teddy bears. 

In literacy we are learning about Goldilocks and The Three Bears, at the end of the literacy unit we should all be able to write our own version of the story.

In maths we are learning about numbers and how we can represent them.

In Year 1 there is Miss Stead (Class Teacher) and Miss McCue (Teaching Assistant).

PE is every Wednesday and Thursday, please ensure children have got complete PE kits, including outdoor footwear.

Parent reading sessions are every Tuesday and Thursday, please come along and join us for 15 minutes and the end of a day to share a story with your child.

Check your child's book bags for important letters that went out which need returning to school ASAP.

Reminder: if you have any old clean materials (for example bedding or pyjamas) this would be really helpful if you could donate it to us. We will be making our very own teddy bears towards the end of half term so we are in need of materials to make these with.

Thank you for your continued support and i look forward to teaching your children and seeing how much they change over the next year!

Miss Stead