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Welcome to the EYFS class page. Take a look at what we have been learning and let us know what you think. 

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Foundation Stage 1 have been learning how to keep their minds healthy to support children's mental health week. They have made their own fruit smoothies, enjoyed exercising to keep their minds and body healthy. The children have listened to the Colour Monster story who's feelings are all mixed up, the children helped to sort his feelings and talked about their own feelings to each other. 

Gary the elf...

See what he has been up to today...


Odd Socks Day! 

Today EYFS supported Odd Socks Day by wearing odd socks, designing our own odd socks and making a kindness heart after talking about how to be kind. F2 children also made a Rainbow Fish and used kind words to create the scales! We say no to bullying! 

We had so much fun at our Harvest Festival and we all hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thank you all for coming.

The farmer left us ingredients and instructions in F1 to make pumpkin and carrot soup. We really enjoyed the activity and took turns to scoop out the pumpkin and the food blender! Once we had cooked the soup we tried it and it was yummy! 

This week in our EYFS we have been learning about the Enormous Turnip story. FS1 found equipment to plant seeds, seeds and a small garden rake. We followed the instructions how to plant the seeds. The seeds were sprinkled in magic and we think we have our very own Enormous...Pumpkin? 

This week in the Early Years we have made traps to try and catch the Evil Pea, we re-told the story using a story map and we have investigated and sorted objects into big and small. Hopefully our traps will work and we can stop the Evil Pea once and for all! 

This week we have been listening to the Supertato story. The Evil Pea has visited our classroom and has left a terrible mess. We had to investigate to see what damage he had caused and made wanted posters to try and find him! Who knows what he might do next? We will keep you updated but we must stop him, maybe we could make a trap...

Great to see children engaging and parents supporting with suggested homework activities and going above and beyond with them, well done! Remember next week we will be collecting home learning books in on a Thursday and handing them back out on a Friday with new information and activities in. Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

So much fun in our deconstructed role play. We turned the boxes into a skatepark, we then measured the distance the vehicles travelled from the ramp using rules and other resources. We then made our own number game from 1-10 to see which vehicle travelled the furthest up the ramp. We started a score board as we couldn't remember who had the most points. We had to think about our number formation and using language such as total and altogether to add the scores up.