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Early Years Foundation Stage


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Early Years Foundation Stage Provision

Early Years Foundation Stage refers to the educational provision and learning opportunities provided for children aged 3-5 years. At Milefield Primary School we are fortunate to have an Early Years Unit which comprises of 2 classes: 


·         Nursery (F1)

·         Reception (F2)


The Foundation Stage Unit is led by:  

  • Miss V Till

Provision in the Early Years is centred around the concept of personalised and bespoke learning which caters for the needs of each individual child. It is built on the foundation of play-based learning combined with specifically planned learning  opportunities within the environment that is designed to engage children and develop the knowledge, skills and understanding set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage framework


School Dinners & Milk

At Milefield Primary School we are proud to share that we will be one of the first schools to provide a full day's meal plan for all children. All children in school will be provided with:


  • Mid- Morning: Milk

  • Lunch: A nutritionally balanced hot meal accompanied by a choice of potatoes, a choice of vegetables, a choice of salad and a choice of breads as well as a choice of home-made pudding, yogurt and fruit.  Special dietary requirements can be made for those with food intolerances/ vegetarian and Vegan children and those who cannot eat certain foods due to religious and cultural beliefs.

  • Access to cold drinking water and fruit throughout the school day.

If your child falls under one of the above categories please contact the school office.  Please be aware school may require necessary medical information or referral from a dietician/GP to ensure  dietary needs are correctly met and a bespoke school meal plan is implemented. For further information about our School Meal Plan and Menus please click here.




The full School Meal Plan will be provided free of charge for all children aged 4-7 years as well as those entitled to pupil premium funding (free school meals).  

All children in Early Years Foundation Stage (including Nursery) receive milk free of charge.