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Milefield Primary School

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Daily Routines


Our Key Stage 2 School Day:


Morning Session Afternoon Session


Bell to indicate school start; children assemble in class lines;

children are collected by class teachers and

enter via KS2 cloakroom doors

9:05 – 10:15am: 





Literacy Skills








1.00 – 1:20pm:


1:20 – 2:15pm:

Afternoon session 1


Afternoon session 2 (On Assembly days - Mon/Wed/Fri)


Afternoon session (On Tues/Thurs)

3:05 – 3.15pm:



Home time 

Session Procedures

All children in Key Stage 2 participate in learning through the ‘Creative Curriculum’, please see our Curriculum section for further information.  


Learning in Key Stage 2 adheres to legal requirements by following and cross referencing learning to objectives set out in the National Curriculum.



Home time Procedures

At the end of the school day children in Key Stage 2 are dismissed at 3:15pm via the Key Stage 2 doors. At this time, doors will be opened by a member of staff and children will make their way out where they can be collected or walk home independently. Key Stage 2 staff monitor going home procedures and are always available to support children whose parents/carers are delayed collecting them.



Reading Books

All children in Key Stage 2 are provided with school reading books to share with parents/carers or read independently at home.


The level/type of book provided is dependent upon personal learning needs and we aim to work closely with  parents/carers to ensure all children are encouraged to  read regularly each week.



In order to promote reading and ensure a wealth of opportunities for reading, children in Key Stage 2 are asked to bring and take home their reading books everyday so they may read in school and at home on a daily basis. 


In Key Stage 2, all children are listened to in school, at least once a week, and are given opportunity to change their book either independently or with the support of an adult. 


To accompany reading books, children in Key Stage 2, are also given a home-school reading diary where comments and a record reading is logged. In here, school staff  record comments and we encourage parents/carers to complete the home comment as a means of home-school liaison.  



All children in Key Stage 2 are provided with weekly words which they will be expected to take home to practise spelling. The type of words provided is dependent upon personal learning needs.  We encourage children to practise spellings regularly each week, with the support parents/ carers where possible. For more confident spellers we suggest practising writing words within a sentence and checking the spelling is correct once applied in a context. Spellings children are requested to learn, will link to Literacy work children are completing in school. Each week children's knowledge of these words is  assessed in school .




Homework is a valuable opportunity for children to extend and continue their learning out-of-school hours. In Key Stage 2 we encourage children to conduct homework regularly and ensure that all allocated homework is purposeful; differentiated and engages pupils interests. 


Homework is distributed to children half-termly and we ask that children return homework to school no later than the specified date.


Homework in Key Stage 2 usually consists of the following:

  • Creative Curriculum Activity
  • Literacy based Activities (e.g. Reading Books & Spellings)
  • Numeracy based Activities (e.g. Practising Times Tables)

We are very grateful for any support and encourage parents/carers can offer their children when completing homework.