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During the school year there are lots of opportunities for parents/carers to speak with class teachers and members of staff.

However there may be times when you require additional appointments to speak with either class teachers and/or leadership in school.

We are always happy to facilitate meetings with parents and carers where possible and ask kindly that if parents request a meeting the following system is used.


Questions the office staff may ask before an appointment is requested are:

  1. Have you spoken to the class teacher regarding the matter? Is this a class matter/complaint? (EG: lessons/behaviour)

Speak to support staff and class teachers first and foremost.

2. Have you spoken to the Key Stage Lead regarding the matter? Do you wish to take the matter further after speaking to a classteacher? Does the matter involve whole key stage or other classes?

Mrs Underhay leads KS1/2.

Miss Till leads EYFS.

3.Have you spoken to the Wellbeing Manager regarding the matter? Is it a matter regarding SEND, possible SEND, welfare of pupils or the care of pupils at our school? Is it a matter you are worried about in regards to the child's mental health, behaviour, bullying or other?

Mrs Walker is the DIrector of SEND. (Usually in school once per week)

4. Have you spoke to the Attendance Officer? Does the matter relate to persistent absence of the pupil? Have you seen any pupils who are not at school on school days? Is it a family matter?

Miss Jones is the wellbeing officer/attendance officer.

5. Would you like an appointment with Mrs Trickett/ Mr McClure? Have you spoken to relevant staff (above) firstly and are still wishing to take the matter further? Do you feel this is a very serious issue which affects whole school and needs dealing with urgently?

These are the senior leadership team in school.

If you would like to speak to someone about the senior leadership team then please contact the main office to speak to the chair of the Interim Executive Governing Body- Mr D.Hickey.

An appointment will be requested with the appropriate person and you will be informed of the date and time.

If you would like to request an appointment online, please contact us through this email: