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Personal Belongings


All children throughout school are encouraged not to bring in any personal belongings or toys as doing so may result in accidental damage, breakage or loss.


If children do choose to bring in personal items (unless for educational purposes under the instruction of the class teacher) the responsibility of care lies with the child. Please be aware that school cannot accept any responsiblity for loss or damage to children's personal items.  


Lost Property

At Milefield we encourage children to take responsibility for their belongings including jumpers, cardigans, book bags etc. and ask that parents/carers support us in doing this by ensuring their child's full name is clearly displayed on all items.

However, we do appreciate that, from time to time, children misplace their belongings and items become 'lost'. Therefore to try and ensure belongings are returned to the correct child, any items of lost property are collected and placed into designated boxes which can be located in the main school office.

If your child has an item of lost property please visit or contact our school office where we will be more than happy to assist.


Use of Mobile Telephones

Children are not allowed to bring mobile telephones into school except in extenuating circumstances (e.g. use after school).

If your child does have an extenuating circumstance and requires a mobile telephone in school, parents/carers should make arrangements for this to be facilitated with the school office; the mobile telephone will be kept in the school office throughout the school day.

Please note, children who bring a mobile telephone into school without permission will have this confiscated until the end of the school day.