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Walking Bus

 In September 2015 we started our very own walking bus. This has made walking to school a more viable option for many of our children,it also eases traffic congestion, lateness and promotes a healthy lifestyle.  Miss Jones and two other members of staff  walk along a set route every day picking up children along the way.

A walking bus is a scheme which encourages children to walk to school along a set route. The children walk in pairs and everyone wears a high visibility jacket .An adult at the front acts as a driver and another adult at the back acts as a conductor. The children are collected at bus stops at set times along a set route on a daily basis. Parents are also an important part of the bus and are encouraged to take part and walk with bus when available.

Walking buses are a fun and safe way to get to school .The walking bus has been very successful and has provided many benefits to children, it promotes healthy exercise, develops pedestrian and social skills as well as improving children’s independence whilst in a safe environment.


 Milefield’s walking bus route:

Bullet sports and social club       @         8.15am    STOP 1

Opposite St Luke’s church          @         8.25am    STOP 2

Home farm bakery                     @          8.40am   STOP 3


If you would like any more information , or you would like your child to take part on the Walking bus please contact Miss Jones  .