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Ofsted school inspections are required by law and the inspection of schools aims to provide information to parents/carers and promote school improvement. During an inspection, Ofsted will conduct an independent assessment of the quality and standards of education in a school and asses if pupils are achieving to full potential.

All Ofsted inspections adhere to statutory guidance. For further information please follow the link for the framework for school inspection, which applies to the inspection of maintained schools.

In this section you can locate information relating to Ofsted and school inspection including:

  • Ofsted Procedures
  • Most Recent & Previous Inspection Reports
  • School Dashboard
  • Parent View

Ofsted Procedures

In the instance of an Ofsted inspection, school would normally be notified by the lead inspector before midday the day before the inspection. School is then asked to provide key information for inspection team which will be analysed prior to the inspection.

Inspections last two full days and during this time inspectors will:

  • Meet with the Headteacher and update the Headteacher on the progress of the inspection throughout the 2 days

  • Observe lessons and provide feedback to observed teachers

  • Listen to pupils read

  • Analyse pupils’ work

  • Look at school records & documentation

  • Conduct a team meeting where the Headteacher or another member of the school’s senior leadership team is invited to attend.

  • Conduct and analyse staff and parent questionnaires

  • Conduct a final meeting to discuss final judgements and grades, feedback, and recommendations for improvement. The Headteacher is invited to attend the meeting.

Ofsted Inspection Reports

Our last full Ofsted inspection was conducted in May 2010 where the school achieved the Ofsted grading of 'Good with Outstanding Features'.

In July 2012, a Ofsted subject inspection was conducted for music and the school  achieved 'Good'

For detailed information or to download our most recent or previous Ofsted inspection reports please visit the Ofsted website or alternatively download the reports below: 


The Ofsted Data Dashboard provides an overview of performance in a school and is used by governors and by members of the public to check performance of the school.


The Data Dashboard provides an analysis of school performance over a three year period. To access dashboard for Milefield Primary School please click here.


Parent View

Parent View is a facility which enables parents/carers to express their views and opinions about their child’s school and is accessed online. It consists of a questionnaire which asks parents to give their views about the school and is also used by inspectors during a school Ofsted inspection.

When accessing Parent View, parents/carers are required to express their opinion on 12 aspects of their child’s school including:

  • the quality of teaching

  • dealing with bullying

  • behaviour etc.

If you would like to register and complete a questionnaire using Parent View, you must initially enter an email address, and confirm that you are a parent/carer. You will also be required to give details about schools their children attend (including different children at different schools). A response is then emailed to the given email address to verify the account.

For more information about Parent View including, Parent View Screencast, support Toolkit or to register please visit: