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School Performance


This section of our website is dedicated to providing current information relating to school data and performance. The links below can be used to locate documents and information relating to:


School Self Evaluation (SEF)

At Milefield Primary School we recognise and understand the importance of school self-evaluation and the crucial role it has in our schools’ on going cycle of review and planning.

The school self-evaluation is an essential tool in this process and enables us to evaluate and review the schools strengths, success and areas for development. It highlights our key strengths as well as what needs to be targeted to ensure effective improvement and is regularly reviewed throughout each academic year. It clearly outlines the:

  • Progress children make at Milefield

  • Effectiveness of our teaching

  • Behaviour of our children

  • Quality of our school’s leadership

  • Social and moral aspects of our school

Ofsted graded our school as “Good with Outstanding Features” in May 2010. We believe that as a school we have taken measures to improve this and are on the path to achieving “Outstanding” in our next inspection. This form is reviewed three times a year.

Please use the link below to access a summary of the SEF.

School Evaluation Summary


School Development Plan (SDP)

A School Development Plan (SDP) is the result of a process through which schools set goals for improvement and make decisions about how and when these goals will be achieved.

As a school we are dedicated to achievement for all our children. By focusing on specific goals and strategies for improvement we ensure pupil progress; school development and success.

The main purpose of our SDP is therefore to improve the learning of pupils by enhancing and developing our curriculum; teaching; environment for learning and by increasing the involvement of parents in their children's learning both in school and at home.

Our SDP process involves the School Leadership Team; Teachers; Pupils; Parents and Governors in determining our areas for development and improvement.

Using the links below you can find copies of our most recent and previous development plans:

Assessment in Milefield


HCAT Approach to Assessment

All classes in Milefield follow our school policy on assessment. There are 2 data collection points which vary between test papers and teacher assessment data. We track all our pupils' data using an online system called Insight. This is a login system which only allows staff access to their class' data. All data is secure and no one can view this data but staff members with a login. The leader of Assessment in Milefield is Mrs K Trickett (Deputy Head).

All staff also use assessment for learning in every lesson and use all assessment data to inform future planning. They aim to plug gaps in each pupil's learning and analyse all data to find patterns of learning required to move pupil's understanding forward.

Reading, Grammar/Punctuation & spelling and Maths are tested two times per year through test papers. Writing is teacher assessed using end of year expectations trackers. Pupils are always given focused feedback with their teacher/ teaching assistant. If your child is in Y2/6 they will complete more than two test papers per year as they will work on past SATs papers too.

If your child is in Y1, they will complete phonics screening assessments every term and their final score will be given at the end of Summer term.

Foundation Stage children are assessed by teaching staff regularly through their observations tracking using photographs and evidence collected daily. Pupils will then be given an end of year result which will be marked against each individual child's Foundation Stage Profile. They will be aiming for GLD which shows they have reached a good level of development in reading, writing and Maths.

These are what each key stage completes and when in their final assessments:

Key Stage One

Year 1 - Phonics screening (June/July)

x 2 assessments using assessment papers in:

-Reading, Grammar, punctuation and spelling, Maths

Writing (Teacher assessment)

Year 2 - SATs (End of May/beginning of June) in:

-Reading, Maths, Grammar, punctuation and spelling

-Writing (Teacher assessment)

Key Stage Two

Y3, 4, 5 - x 2 assessments using assessment papers in:

-Reading, Maths (Paper 1- arithmetic, Paper 2 & 3 - reasoning), Grammar, Punctuation and spelling

Y6 - regular assessment papers using past SATs in:

-Reading (1 hour), Grammar, Punctuation and spelling (45 minutes - GP, 25 minutes - spelling), Maths (30 minutes - Arithmetic, 40 minutes - Reasoning paper 1, 40 minutes - Reasoning paper 2)

-Writing - teacher assessed regularly throughout the year and average result awarded

All assessment results for Y2/Y6 will be reported to parents in July.

End of Key Stage Data

At Milefield Primary School pupil progress and achievement is rigorously tracked year on year. However, there are three key assessment points which measure the progress of pupils against national expectations and data.

Using the following links you can view and download our previous end of key stage assessment results and data:

Key Stage 1

 To view information in relation to:

  • End of KS1 Data (Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Phonics)

please use the following link to Ofsted School Data Dashboard

Key Stage 2

To view information in relation to:

  • End of KS2 Data (Reading, Writing, GPVS, Mathematics)

please use the following link to Ofsted School Data Dashboard


School Performance Tables

For information about school performance tables please use the following link:

Compare the school on the DfE comparison tables at: